ZARA X JO MALONE EDITION EAU DE PARFUM 40ML, 1.35 OZ (8TYPE): Get premium European products from abroad at BYLOCL

Zara made a huge mistake! They released such an AMAZING collaboration with Jo Malone.

This Perfume series was released in collaboration with Mrs. Jo Malone, who has a 1000 times better sense of smell than ordinary people!

You can only get this product line in Europe, unfortunately.

Only from BYLOCL, you can get it direct from Paris, France 🙂

The quality is so good that you’ll be as satisfied as to the original expensive Jo Malone.

Buy all different types at once since it is still affordable! And see which one is your favorite!!

we are sending this one with the local fragrance from France. 😊

It is a special edition product, so we recommend to buy it as soon as possible before it sells out 🙂

There is no border constraint with BYLOCL! You can freely shop around major Europe destinations without leaving your home!


instagram @bylocl.official


▼▼▼▼ delivery infromation▼▼▼▼

delivery time: 7-14 business days depends on the location

(due to current covid-19 situation, it can last longer than estimated time)


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